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Eventda is a business centric online booking platform of meeting rooms, training rooms, event and co-working spaces. With hundreds of inventory in our inventory, you are spoiled with choices giving you the option to book according to your preferred location and other specifications. Eventda takes pride in offering affordability, convenience and choice. All prices displayed on our platform are pre-negotiated to offer attractive prices to you as our goal is to democratise corporate prices to all businesses. With that in mind, you can be assured that you’ll be securing a good deal when booking via Eventda. The platform is also designed to offer convenience for users to secure your venues for your upcoming events within a few clicks at your preferred location. No more making countless calls for each individual outlet, spending hours negotiating for the best price, going through pages of quotations or missing out on a good venue. With hundreds of spaces all over Malaysia, you are given the privilege to be choosy when selecting their spaces for their department meetings, team huddles, corporate training, annual general meetings, annual dinners, project offices etc. Eventda has a very diverse inventory, from Prestigious International Brands to Proud Local Brands that will fit your preference, budget and needs.