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Urbandjz Event Solution

We are specialized in Event Management, Sound & Light (Sale & Rental), Backdrop Fabrication, Truss System, Visual Projection and LED Screen

What Includes

  • 24ft x 12ft x 11ft (H): 180-degree customized Green Screen
  • 1-unit Behringer X32 producer
  • 1-unit Sennheiser G3 wireless lapel microphone 2- unit RCF ART712 active speakers
  • 1-unit Avolite Tiger Touch Lighting controller
  • 1-unit Blackmagic ATEM 1 lot HDMI splitter
  • 10-unit LED Parcan c/w tracing paper
  • 4 unit Par64 1000 Watt Light
  • 1 unit Lite Puter Dimmer Pack
  • 2-unit Andoer studio LED lighting
  • 1 unit Elgato HD60s Capture Card
  • 1 unit Behringer UMCC22 Audio Interface
  • 2 unit 50’ TV with stand
  • 1 unit 60’ TV (Lounge Area)
  • 1 unit 60’ TV (Console monitor)
  • 1-unit Sony Full HD Camcorder camera c/w tripod stand
  • 2 set 300mm goalpost truss 8.25ft x 10ft


F&B not available

Terms And Conditions

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Return Policy

Either the Hotel or Group may cancel this contract without cause upon written notice to the other party at any time prior to the event and upon 100% payment of an amount based on the events/arrangements confirmed as outlined, plus applicable taxes. Payment due as a result of this cancellation option shall be made by the Group to Hotel at the time this Agreement is cancelled by written notice. 

The Hotel and Group intend to liquidate damages in the event that either party utilizes the cancellation option set forth in this Section. Therefore, the Hotel and Group agree (a) that the above formula is a reasonable estimate of the Hotel’s damage in the event of cancellation and (b) that the liquidated damages set forth in this Section do not constitute a penalty. 

These amounts shall constitute full settlement of any and all obligations arising out of the non-performance of this agreement.

Disclaimer & Disclosure

By using the HRDCorp e-VENUE platform, you expressly agree and accept that all bookings / transactions placed are strictly between you and Eventda Sdn. Bhd., of which PSMB is not a party to the bookings / transactions, and you shall liaise directly with Eventda Sdn. Bhd. in any event of complications that may arise.